Thursday, February 10, 2005


The purpose of this blog is to publish my own reactions, reflections, and criticisms of The Confessions of St. Augustine. My initial hypothesis is that St. Augustine has something of value to say to modern man/woman. My perspective is that of an ordinary Catholic reading the text in English, in 2005. I am using the Rex Warner translation from Mentor. The hyperlinks point to the Pusey translation, only because that one is available on the Internet.

For a scholarly treatment of The Confessions, go to If you go to the parent link,, there is a link to some beautiful digitized images of frescos, from Benozzo Gozzoli, depicting incidents in the life of St. Augustine

For an Internet introduction to St. Augustine, see:

I owe my inspiration for undertaking this project to Father John Oldfield, Order of Augustinian Recollects (O.A.R.)

All opinions and errors are entirely my own. Remember, this is only a journal. I have no academic background in theology, philosophy, the classics, history, Latin, or anything else related. Any and all comments are invited and welcome.

I just hope I can see this project through to the end!


Blogger 357martini said...

He was rather average and irreligious as a youngster, his book City if God splits man into two basic groups those who live according to man and those who live according to God. I love his idea that evil is the absence of good, thus evil is not a thing it is the absence of something. Providence plays a large part in his understanding of historical development.

9:33 PM  
Blogger kabloona said...

Gee, how did you find my blog so fast? And I hadn't even put out my first post! But truly, I appreciate the comment.

3:36 PM  
Blogger R. Snider said...

This proves worth watching. I'll be in touch.

- T.Fox

8:17 PM  

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