Monday, February 14, 2005

Book I, 11

It seems that all Christian society had an awesome dread of the penalty for sin. The general attitude was to become baptized later in life. Baptism washed away all sin committed previously, no matter how grave. Sins commited after Baptism were considered especially horrific precisely because the sinner was Baptized--had committed themselves to Christ. The attitude was to sin first then get Baptized later rather than to get Baptized, sin afterwards and not be eligible again for that once in a lifetime opportunity for the absolution of sin. I assume they hoped by old age, the lust for sex, violence, money, drunkeness, and so on, would have died down and that one has developed more self control, perhaps perspective, and perhaps a motivational sense of one's mortality as one ages.

It is somewhat like the idea of "sowing one's wild oats" before settling down in life. I suppose there is some merit to this. It also allows for a person to gain some wisdom through life experiences before making such a big decision. And the decision for Jesus Christ is a BIG decison. The waiting also allows for a free and full consent of the will. Of course, the wait doesn't do any good in the case of accidental or sudden death! It also precludes the person from ful participation in the other Sacraments, and the full life and Spirit of the church.

Monica seems not only faith-filled with complete confidence in God, but very wise as well. A most wonderfull human being!


Blogger jonathan said...

um... i don't think so.

i don't know what kind of christianity you've been listening to, but i don't have those views. and neither do my fellow christians. i believe that sin is sin, ugly and disgusting. both before and after baptism. and baptism doesn't save you. it's just a symbol saying that you have accepted Jesus as your savior and the only way to heaven. this is a HUGE misunderstanding among both believers and non-believers.
also, giving your all to God does not mean giving up your will, too. even the most devout christians sin still, it's because of the sinful human nature. but the awesome thing is those christians still choose the ask for forgiveness. and God actually loves us enough to forgive us. this concept is beyond my mind. why would He still love and forgive us....even after we turned away from Him and mock His name everyday! wow. now that's love. i just love talking about this sort of thing. so, if you wanna talk some more, you can email me at and my blog here is .

thanks, jonathan

8:20 PM  
Blogger kabloona said...


You don't think what?

You misread the entry.

I have not advocated any views. The entry is a comment on Christian customs in Northern Africa in the late 300's A.D. It was a common custom to put off Baptism until as late in life as possible, for the reasons I describe. This is an historical fact, not a view or a statement that things should or should not be that way.

My weighting of the merits of Baptism early in life, as opposed to late in life, does not advocate either position.

Your statements about sin and Baptism are non-sequitors. You make the statment that devout Christians still sin. Precisely!
And that is why the above custom developed. You misunderstood the entry entirely.

9:51 PM  

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